Meet Amy:

I love to travel, both for work and for fun.  I decided to start this blog to capture some of the fun I'm having, and dispense some good ideas for those of you who travel!

My job is in leadership development, so I spend a lot of time traveling around the globe to help people become better leaders and better humans.  I grew up in Chicago, taking summer car trips with my family--and I've been to almost all 50 states (sorry Montana, the Dakotas, and New Mexico!).  I've lived overseas in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and now home is in beautiful San Jose, California.  Makes it tough to leave sometimes, but for a weekend in Hawaii?  Sure!

I also happen to be married to a pilot, and we enjoy seeing the world.  Our cat, Penny, watches the homestead while we're gone.  I've lost count on how many countries I've been to, but it's 50+.  I am unafraid to fly to Sydney for a 4-day weekend.

Wheels Up Time comes from pilot lingo when you're stuck on the ground for a while before you're destination airport says it's OK to head there.  Very common in SFO fog...

Fun Facts

Favorite travel companion:  Bob, my husband of many years.  Fellow goofball.  Prefers window seats.

Favorite city:  Tokyo, hands down.  I've been there more than 10 times I think.  A mashup of order and chaos.  Great food.  Sensory overload in the best possible way.

Favorite country:  Switzerland.  Love the Alps, the fresh air, the food, the orderliness of it all.

Favorite repeatable destination:  Honolulu.  The moment I step off the plane, I'm relaxed and feel like I'm at a 2nd home...that I can't afford.

Favorite seat:  If it's not in first or business (sometimes you don't win that lotto), I like an exit aisle.  And yes, I am prepared to assist in an emergency.  I also love upstairs in a 747.

Airplane beverage of choice:  sparkling water with lemon or lime (eyeroll by flight attendant), or a ginger ale.

Guilty pleasure while traveling:  candy bars and Mentos (the freshmaker!), two things I never really eat at home.

Must haves when in the air:  noise canceling headset, a pen, my iPad loaded with junky magazines and a book or two, warm socks, and the best neck pillow ever.

I have some fun stories.  I share them.  Here they are!

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