Thursday, March 27, 2014

Layered Maxi Dress Travel

Layered Maxi Dress Travel

Layered Maxi Dress Travel by posinator featuring a black leather handbag

It's good to keep it simple when traveling in warm weather climates.  I wore something similar on a short flight from Bangkok to Saigon.  

Maxi Dress
A striped t-shirt dress is an excellent choice for a short flight in warm weather.  And if you're anything like me, who freezes on even the shortest of flights, some extra fabric around the legs certainly helps.  I picked up a striped version at Target, but they are everywhere and at every price point.

Denim Jacket
I hadn't had a denim jacket in ages, so glad to see they are making a comeback.  Great with a maxi, and you can add some fun details like textured sleeves to keep it modern.  I have a cropped version that seems a bit fresher than some of the old school versions, but I could go either way.

Black Sandals
Thrilled to see Birks are back--nothing simpler than a cool black slide, and hella comfy.  I know there will be haters, but when I saw the Olsen twins kicking it, I knew they were back (although they wore with socks and looked throwback 90s).  Perfect add to a maxi.

Leopard Infinity Scarf
Again, keep warm on those chilly flights.  I scored some perfect-weight leopard infinity scarves like those above at a Charming Charlies.  I tend to be pretty tough on scarves, so didn't go crazy on buying an expensive one.  Nice contrast to the stripes.

Arm Party
Don't go too crazy with an arm party, after all, you gotta get through security.  Some simple earrings finish off nicely.  Skulls are badass.

Crossbody Bag
I love being hands-free in the airport to peruse duty free, so crossbody is the way to go.  Granted, I usually also have a backpack I'm lugging around with my computer.

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