Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Duty Free Purchases

Duty Free Purchases

Duty Free Purchases by posinator featuring Clarins

I admit it.  I am a complete sucker for duty free cosmetics counters.  There's something about the fact they have all these fun-sized travel goodies that just gets my heart racing.  I typically try to get to the airport with at least 30 extra minutes on an international flight so I can peruse the goods.  I've been known to pick up a good buy on the airplane (I may be the only human to have ever purchased something on an airplane, amirite?)

This round of travel, I got a Clarins travel kit that seemed like a smashing value with 6 decent-sized products for face, hands, eyes, and body.  I haven't used Clarins in the past (other than samples) so I was excited to give this pack a go.  Plus, it came with a perfectly-sized travel bag.  Definitely good for my travel kit.

I also scored a trio of these L'Oreal lip colors--ones I had been planning on getting when I got home, but got 3 for $26, so couldn't pass them up.  All 3 were colors I liked--a punchy pink, a soft mauve, and a medium-toned purple shade.  They're the cheaper version of the YSL gloss stain I already own and love.  Finally, a Kiehl's purchase.  Oil-free gel cream for summer moisture.  I get so oily in the summer, but still need moisture.  This gel reminds me of another duty free purchase I made in Singapore of a L'Oreal set of gel moisture--a perfect place to buy good, light moisturizers for humid weather.

I'll report back once these go into rotation.  I already used the lipstain a bunch and all 3 colors are fantastic, long-lasting, and shiny.  Good stuff.

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