Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let's talk luggage!

Let's talk luggage!

Let's talk luggage! by posinator featuring Mossimo Supply Co.

I've been contemplating a new piece of checked luggage lately.  I dragged out the big bertha suitcase I have for my 2 week trip and it's just so damn big.  And it only has 2 wheels, so there's a lot of dragging that happens and sore arm muscles.  Maybe I should work out.  Or, better yet, think about a new bag purchase.

As much as I _hate_ checking a bag, more than 2 weeks on the road for business and I pretty much have to.  Spending 600 bones on a Rimowa is probably not a decision I will make, but man, I am a sucker for a good hardside.  I do think you should spend some cash on a good, durable piece of luggage that will last a few years.  My bertha has lasted longer than expected--she was a crazy buy from Marshall's and a good value (she's a black Delsey lightweight 30"+++).

Carry on:
Let's be real, I carry on 99.9% of my trips.  And the vast majority of the time, I don't have to worry about getting my bag on the flight.  I have a slimline Briggs & Riley that's holding up nicely after 6 years of pretty regular use (it's not this exact version, but the model just before it).  Simple on the inside, just space.  Not a lot of pockets or do-dads that I don't need.  Plus, it fits nicely in the luggage sizer.  Sidenote:  it was purchased after a brutal fight with a gate agent when I was carrying on my Travel Pro, purchased at the United Employee Store.  The gate agent said it was too big and said I wasn't getting on the flight with it unless I checked it.  It had proposal materials for a $10M gig inside.  I nearly pooped myself on the flight worried that it wasn't going to make it.  I decided that was not a feeling I wanted again in my life.

What else?
I like my Timbuk2 backpack, even though I know it's not chic.  It's geek.  I can fit a chic purse inside.  I also like some good small pouches, for pencils, makeup, etc.  When heading out for a weekend in, say, Hawaii, I like a good weekender.  I've got a Le Sportsac in a fun print that's kind of huge--I'm looking for something maybe a bit smaller.  I like all 3 of these options and was really debating about the Target bag the other day, but wondered if it would fall apart.  

Still thinking about that Rimowa...maybe someday.  On sale.

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