Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Airplane Fash

Travel Outfit

Travel Outfit by posinator featuring a 3.1 phillip lim purse

We all like to be comfortable while flying, amirite?  This is pretty much my standard go-to ensemble, upscaled a bit (because I want that 3.1 phillip lim purse real bad).  

This Splendid waffle hoodie is great.  Nice and drape-y.  Not too thick, super soft.  Sometimes I pull the hood up and really get into it.  It's also good at the hotel while lounging (if there's no hotel robe).

I eventually need to bite the bullet and try an T by Alexander Wang, I just don't know how I feel about spending $80 on a basic.  I heard Everlane is good.  Sadly, I plow through white t-shirts like nobody's business--from food spills to yellow pits.  So for now, I have been buying them from Target.  I often throw an Old Navy tank under it, just because I hate the feeling of jeans buttons hitting my belly.  Weird, but true.  Maybe a long-sleeve if you get cold, but I often have to deal with temp fluctuations.

I usually wear black jeans on a trip less than 8 hours--the ones I have from Citizens for Humanity are great.  Lots of stretch.  Otherwise, I go for some Lululemon Wunder Unders.

Who don't love a black bralette under a t-shirt?  Love it.  Just enough edgy, but super comfortable without wires and that nonsense to deal with.

I recently bought a pair of black pleather high tops and they are in heavy rotation during travel--important only if you get TSA Pre-Check, like me, and don't have to deal with yanking them on/off.  Otherwise, for warm climates, non-lace slip ons.  Cold climates have me wearing my Frye Melissa Button short boots that zip off.

What else is there to say?  I usually have a backpack with me loaded to the brim with work junk, and I take a smaller-ish bag that I can tuck in if I have to consolidate.

Keep it simple.  I usually wear basic stud earrings so I can keep my headphones on comfortably.  Always have a scarf to layer up.  Maybe a fun arm party that's easy to deal with.  I never wear necklaces on flights just because they annoy me.  And if I'm sleeping, I usually get tangled.

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