Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday Workday

Friday Workday

Friday Workday by posinator featuring a cream blush

I've been busy...  

I had a big presentation last Friday.  It was our 3rd annual Thought Leaders Forum, which is essentially a day for us to create and deliver new content for clients--current and future.  I had the spotlight for the opening and the close, so I wanted something comfortable but polished.

Jeans:  I went with my Joe's skinny ankles (not the ones here, but close) because darker jeans tend to look a bit more professional.  Plus, I like the ankle cut because then I'm not fiddling with the jeans-shoes issue and I can wear flats.  

Shoes:  My Chinese Laundry d'orsay's are on their last legs.  They have lots of extra insoles in them and I think it's time to say goodbye.  They're awesome, but just murder after a whole day of standing.  I wish they had more support.  I'll wear them for non-delivery days.

Jacket:  A new Zara puff-sleeve blazer was a purchase in Barcelona.  It's great.  Perfect weight, and the puff sleeves are a nice detail.  I love Zara.

Blouse:  I wore a long-sleeve dot blouse--silk, from J.Crew Factory and I love it.  Perfect weight and about as much as I want to pay for a blouse I will eventually destroy from working, sweating, etc.  I like a price point where I don't feel like I need to be too precious with a piece of clothing, but it's still polished and nice.  Dots are cute.  I wore it untucked and it was great.

Jewelry:  I rolled out my very adorable personalized necklace from Bauble Bar--in my own handwriting.  Many compliments on how cute and ridiculous it was.  I did get a "you're like a classy Flava Flav" once or twice.  I freaking love it.  Simple gold studs on my ears, as to not detract from my amazing necklace.

Makeup:  Not wanting to distract (although a friend said I should have totally rocked my false lashes...) I kept it simple with basic pink.  I didn't even fuss with gloss during the day, essentially neutral eyes, pink cheeks and lips, and brows.  That's it.  There's maybe a certain seriousness to what I present that I feel like maybe if I'm too glam, it comes across as not serious.  Kind of a weird fine line.  I debated on wearing my gold loafers, but didn't, for that reason.  Totally ridiculous.

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