Monday, April 21, 2014

Honolulu Favorites

What I've always said is a day in Hawaii is better than no days in Hawaii.  Makes sense to me.  The flight really isn't that terrible, and when you land in paradise, you pretty much forget how quickly those 5 hours go by.  Car-free weekend, so we stayed close to Waikiki.

Basically, we did many of the favorites on our one-day Hawaii spectacular.

1.  Breakfast at Island Vintage Coffee:
It's certainly become our new favorite.  Instead of our usual pancake festival at Hula Grill, we opted for the lighter choice of an acai bowl and coffee from Island Vintage in the Royal Hawaiian shopping center.  It's very popular with Japanese tourists.  The key is to split the bowl--there's plenty for two.  Last time I was there, I even enjoyed some of their healthier egg options (served with salad).   The regular coffee is outstanding.
Runner up:  Hula Grill pancakes

2.  Hike to Diamond Head Crater:
A good walk from any hotel on Waikiki Beach.  Starting early helps with the heat, so we were out and walking by 7.  The walk is probably 7+ miles round trip, but worth it.  The crater hike up has great views of Waikiki and north to Koko Head and Makapu'u.

3.  KCC Farmer's Market:
At the bottom of the entrance to Diamond Head, there's a Saturday morning farmer's market that has a great selection (of produce I wanted to take home and couldn't).  Lots of juices, fruits, veg, and other foods, including some of the best poke I've ever had.

4.  Relaxing on Waikiki Beach:
'Nuff said.  Happy toes.

5.  Dinner at Jinroku:
An okonomiyaki place introduced to us by friends who live in Honolulu part-time.  Delicious options, including a gyoza okonomiyaki and a pizza one.  Ridiculously tasty.  Sit at the grill.

6.  Some Yogurtland to top off the night:
Trying to keep it relatively healthy on the dessert front.  Mostly fruit.  Maybe some whipped cream.

Overall, a quick and great day in Waikiki!

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