Saturday, April 26, 2014

Costanoa Meeting

There's something really nice about being able to take a day or two every quarter and pause to think, plan, and assess.  I'm grateful I work for an organization that does that.

We spent the last 2 days at Costanoa, a resort on the coast near Pescadero.  It's tucked away--in between the water and the hills near the coast of Highway 1.  The agenda was essentially get together as a team and do some planning and spend some time together.  We also had dinner at one of our facilitating partner's houses who lives in the area.

The tent cabins we stayed in were quaint, clean, and really nice.  Each had a queen bed with 6 (SIX!) blankets, including an electric blanket--needed, considering how chilly it gets near the water.  There are comfort stations, which have bathrooms and showers, as well as saunas and fireplaces.  It's really what I'd consider "glamping."  There's a nice restaurant on site as well.

Although it rained pretty heavily on the 2nd day, it was really a nice overnight to get stuff done as a team, get some nature, and relax.  If only I had more time to spend in the sauna and hot tub.  Maybe next time--it would be a nice weekend away.

Plenty to do in the area, including hiking, bike riding, and going for walks near the water.  Plenty of surfing around, too.

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