Sunday, May 11, 2014

Scough--my new travel tool to be less sick


I'm trying to make 2014 the year I get sick less.  Not that I'm always sick, but I did catch a few good germs the last two years (including a bout of whooping cough, brought home by my airline pilot husband from another pilot..). 

In comes Scough.  I stumbled on this scarf with filter in an email I get around "innovative ideas."  I'll say.  It's a much more fashionable surgical mask.  Although the weirdo Japanese girl in me doesn't mind wearing a cool surgical mask, no doubt you get an odd look or 3 on a plane.  Like you're diseased.  And contagious...even though you're all those things, you just can't get away with avoiding the stares.

How about a cute scarf with an air-filter built in?  Yes, please.  There's a replaceable filter that goes around your ears and then you just wrap this bad boy around your face and stay reasonably germ free on a long flight.  

I put the Scough to use on my flight from SFO to FRA.  There was a dude hacking up a lung a few seats away, and two kids who were likely germ magnets.  On the Scough went at the beginning of the flight, I slept in it, and it kept me warm when we got to Frankfort and had to brave a cold spring rain in our remote parking spot.  So far, so good.  No sniffles.  And I'm being a bit more liberal with the hand sanitizer.  It helps if you get the nicer-scented ones...makes you want to use them more.    Here's to a more germ-free travel experience!

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